Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), as a dynamic community of scholars, is committed to a distinctive mission of higher education that incorporates teaching, research and service, and which inculcates in all who participate a sense of value extending beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. The University seeks to foster and achieve excellence, intellectual freedom and the highest of ethical standards and is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that develops and sustains the whole person in all of these educational endeavours.

Founded in 1956, the University has established its position in Hong Kong's tertiary education sector by emphasising academic excellence and whole-person education. Pioneering and broad-based interactive programmes, academic excellence embodying a careful balance between teaching and research, international perspective and commitment to quality assurance have become hallmarks of the University.

The University has eight Faculties/Schools/Academy – Arts, Business, Chinese Medicine, Communication, Science, Social Sciences, Visual Arts, and Continuing Education, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various disciplines.

As of September 2016, there are around 7,064 full-time undergraduates, 2,935 taught programme-based postgraduates and 449 research-based postgraduates, making a total of about 10,448 students at the University. The School of Continuing Education and its College of International Educationof HKBU recorded an enrolment of around 6,000 and 5,000 respectively for their full-time and part-time programmes in 2016-17. Full-time programmes include Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma Yi Jin and Diploma of College Foundation Studies programmes. Part-time programmes include Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Postgraduate and Certificate/Diploma programmes for working learners from all walks of life.

The University offers full-time integrated undergraduate programmes which provide students with whole person education. The curriculum structure is broad-based in nature with emphasis on intellectual development and creativity as espoused by the General Education (GE) requirements outside the students' major disciplines. In general, the undergraduate curriculum is composed of a minimum of 60 units for the major and 38 units of GE courses. The aim of the GE curriculum is to equip students with a wide range of transferable skills to meet the challenges of the ever-changing global community.

English is the medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

HKBU encourages students to participate in exchange programmes to broaden their horizons by providing them with opportunities and financial assistance. We actively promote the exchange of students and have developed collaborations with over 300 institutions. 

HKBU is also committed to creating a cosmopolitan learning environment by offering an array of activities such as the Consul-General-in-Residence Programme which is one of the many initiatives that promotes internationalisation on campus to expose students to more international experience.

Student Development

The University provides various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enrich students' educational experience. There are over 60  student interest clubs on campus that appeal to the varied interests of students and contribute to the objectives of a broadly-based liberal arts education. The Office of Student Affairs plays a critical role in realising the University's vision of providing whole person education, offering a full array of programmes and creating learning environments to help students develop skills in the areas of psychological competence, leadership and service to society, and readiness for future  careers. Please visit the website of the Student Affairs Office for the various non-academic learning opportunities offered.

In line with the University's whole person education ethos, students are encouraged to stretch their visions beyond textbooks and classrooms. In addition to achieving academic excellence, they have also demonstrated good spirit and sportsmanship through participation in social services and extra-curricular activities. Highlights of their achievements can be found at the website of the Communication and Public Relations Office.

Student Ambassador Programme

We have Student Ambassador Programme from which Student Ambassadors will be equipped with professional skills to promote HKBU to prospective students and the public. You are most welcome to meet with our Student Ambassadors and know more details!


Student Life & Sharing

  • HKBU is the first tertiary education institution which established a low-carbon campus in 2009. Our effort in building a sustainable campus was recognised by the Silver Award at the 2011 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence - Sectoral Awards (Public Organisations and Utilities). Students are always welcome to advise on strategies to promote low-carbon campus practices.
  • Dancing at the main podium at night is one of the highlights of the orientation camp of undergraduate hall. You are most welcome to join and enjoy the special night view of the campus!
  • HKBU School of Communication being the oldest communication school in Hong Kong as well as the first to adopt a comprehensive approach in all of Asia, has been ranked by the well-known journalism website Asian Correspondent as one of the world’s top 10 journalism schools for Asian students.
Hall with a Heart

Tony Tai
BA in Chinese Language and Literature, Year 3

Living in the Yang Hall is an unforgettable experience. I have broadened my horizons and understood the foreign culture through the cultural activities with exchange students. I have also developed strong communication and organisational skills having served as the Vice-President of the Hall Council. For instance, I became a detail-minded person through designing and running the programme of the residence hall’s orientation camp. I also met new friends from different Faculties and Schools when participating in various events such as high table dinner and haunted house. Yang Hall – a “Hall with a Heart” is like a warm family. 

A visit to investigate the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Policy

Herculus Chu
BA in History, Year 3

The 2-week study tour to the U.S. organised by the Hong Kong America Center in May 2017 was one of my special experiences of studying at HKBU. This tour mainly focused on the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Policy including political, diplomatic and economic policies after the President assumed office for 100 days. We are glad to have the chances to visit government institutions, think tanks and NGOs such as the Department of State, Heritage Foundation and Meridian International in Washington D.C. We met certain congressmen, specialists and journalists to know their sophisticated views about the new owner of the White House. Though we had diversified opinions, there was always room for us to share our ideas.

Global Collaborative Summer Programme in Korea

Alison Yeung
BA in Translation, Year 2

I have participated in the Global Collaborative Summer Programme held by Kyunghee University in Seoul in 2017 summer. I took courses about contemporary Korean films, fictions and Korean language. The courses trained me to look into films in detail and to find out symbolisms that are related to real-life situations. In order to enhance our understanding towards the Korean films and fictions, the professor provided us with the information of history and religious beliefs of Korea. In addition, we visited one of the Korean Broadcasting Stations called MBC and the Namsan Hanok Village to experience Korean culture. Meeting friends from different parts of the world is the most worthwhile part of the Programme.

My Summer Exchange at the University of British Columbia

Summer Zhong
BBA – Finance Concentration, Year 3

Going on summer exchange programme in the University of British Columbia (UBC) at Vancouver might be the most unforgettable memories of my university life. I experienced different teaching styles and learning atmosphere at the UBC and had chances to get to know more about the Canadian culture. I also enjoyed the friendship with students from all over the world in that month.

One of the milestones of my university life

Steven Yiu
BBA – Applied Economics Concentration, Graduand

Joining the HKBU Ambassador Progamme is one of the milestones that I achieved in my 4-year university life. In the programme, we were all trained with professional presentation skills and project management skills. We took up the role of promoting HKBU to the public, serving the guests and visitors in university-wide events. The Student Ambassador team was formed by students from different faculties and schools. Our fruitful discussions had generated many creative ideas on how to promote HKBU.  

Academy of Visual Arts prepare students to be professional artists

Cherry Kwan
BA in Visual Arts, Year 3

There are a wide variety of courses provided by the Academy of Visual Arts, ranging from studio arts to craft and design. The Programme helps us find our own style of creation and enrich our knowledge. The Programme also provides many out-of-classroom learning opportunities for us to explore art from different parts of the world such as the work experiences in Art Basel and various art exhibitions.

Overseas Immersion Programme trained students to be a flexible educator in the 21st century

Priscilla Yiu
BA in English Language and Literature and BEd in English Language Teaching, Year 4

The BA in English Language and Literature and BEd in English Language Teaching double degree programme has provided me with both the knowledge in English and education and has prepared me to be a flexible educator in the fast-changing 21st century. The Programme offered a special overseas Immersion Programme which has inspired me with teaching skills. I went to Brisbane for the Immersion Programme to observe and teach Australian students in the summer of 2016. I discovered several ways to get students interested in learning which can be applied in teaching Hong Kong students. The two months I spent with my homestay family in Brisbane provided me many opportunities to communicate with the locals who boosted my confidence in speaking English.

Organizational Communication assists students in becoming a competent communicator

Charmaine Hui
BCOMM – Organisational Communication, Year 3

The well-established syllabus of the Communication Programme gives me motivation to achieve more every day. What intrigued me to join one of many HKBU's communication programmes is that they are pioneer in providing students the Organisational Communication Major in Asia. The Programme nurtures students to become a competent communicator in their professional careers. This unique curriculum is a fusion of theory and practical at multiple levels of communication.

Apart from the academic aspect, HKBU grants me opportunities in conquering roles like being an emcee for award ceremonies, tutoring juniors in English and more. My University life at HKBU is definitely fulfilling!