School of Chinese Medicine

Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science

Programme Code


Year of Entry

Year 1

Mode of Study

Full Time

Duration of Study

6 Years

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for classroom teaching (in all forms) at HKBU is English, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Fund Type

Government Funded

Class Start Date

September 2023

Annual Tuition Fees

HK$42,100 (local); HK$145,000 (non-local)

Credits Required for Graduation


Programme Description

This is a 6-year full-time double degree programme, with 15-month internship training and an Honours Project. The curriculum of this programme includes extensive courses in the Chinese medicine as well as courses in biomedical and clinical Western medicine, in an approximate ratio of 7:3.

Instructors in this programme use diversified and interesting teaching tools and activities, including multimedia teaching tools, case studies, group discussions, laboratory practice, medicinal herb field trips and hospital visits, to achieve the intended learning outcomes. To uphold the spirit of “Whole Person Education” as advocated by the University, courses with a total of 31 credits in the General Education are included in the curriculum.


Student Learning Experiences

Clinical practice and internship are the key elements in this curriculum. During the academic years, students will attend practicum in the Chinese medicine clinics operated by the School of Chinese Medicine at HKBU. In their fifth and sixth years, students will have to complete a 12-month internship in a Chinese medicine teaching hospital in Mainland China, followed by a 3-month specialised clinical internship.


Career Opportunities

Our graduates will become Chinese medicine practitioners that are under a high demand. The licensing requirement of Chinese medicine practitioners has been promulgated in Hong Kong since 2003, and our graduates can meet the stringent requirements and pass the licensing examinations. Besides being a Chinese medicine practitioner, graduates may also pursue research postgraduate studies in either local or overseas institutions; or start their careers in the education and administration in the fields of Chinese medicine or public health.


Programme Entrance Requirements

Applicants applying to the programme are expected to have taken Biology and possess a Chinese language qualification as deemed acceptable by the University.

For applicants holding international qualifications, they may fulfill the Chinese Language requirement with the following Chinese qualifications:

Proficiency Tests Minimum Requirements
GCE A/ AS Level Chinese Grade E
GCSE/ IGCSE/ GCE O-Level Chinese/ Chinese Language Grade C/ Grade 4
HKDSE Applied Learning Chinese Attained
Others Other Chinese language qualifications deemed acceptable by the University



Bachelor of Chinese Medicine is a general degree programme and Bachelor of Science is an honours degree programme.