School of Creative Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) / Bachelor of Music (Hons) (Music / Creative Industries)

Programme Code


Year of Entry

Year 1

Mode of Study

Full Time

Duration of Study

4 Years

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for classroom teaching (in all forms) at HKBU is English, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Fund Type

Government Funded

Class Start Date

September 2024

Annual Tuition Fees

HK$42,100 (local); HK$160,000 (non-local) i

Credits Required for Graduation


Choices of Programme


Programme Description

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Programme provides graduates with a practical and intellectual foundation for careers in music or music-related fields. Students accepted into the Programme study with scholars and teachers in music theory and analysis, composition, music history, music education, and performance. The programme places a special emphasis on the role of technology and computers in various aspects of music, providing students with cutting-edge equipment and facilities. These include the vast array of electronic instruments and recording technology. Performance is an important part of music education at the University. Students participate intensively in solo, chamber and ensemble performance throughout the years of study.

The Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Creative Industries Programme offers professional training and new articulation pathway for students with two options: Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games, and Popular Music Performance and Songwriting. Students are given opportunities to study and develop skills in the two areas which aim to nurture their skills, techniques, and creativity in music production for popular music, visual media, music technology, and media production.


Unique Features

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Programme provides graduates with a practical and intellectual foundation for careers in music or music-related fields. In Year 2, students declare their specialties in one of the four Concentrations:

  • Composition
  • Directed Studies
  • Music Education 
  • Performance

Depending on their chosen Concentration, a selection of concentration courses in Years 2 & 3 prepares students for the Honours Project in Year 4, in the format of a composition portfolio, a concerto and recital performance, a lecture-recital, or a written thesis on music history, theory, music education, or music-related topic.

Students accepted into our degree programme study with a team of composers, performers, and music scholars who specialise in music composition, music education, keyboard performance, choral and orchestral conducting, Chinese and Western music history, and music theory and analysis. They will also have the opportunity to interact with visiting scholars and artists who come from Hong Kong, China, and many other countries, in seminars, lectures, master-classes, and recitals. The strong emphasis on solo, chamber, and ensemble performance throughout the four years provides our students with a rich experience in practical music making. The programme's emphasis on the role of technology and computers in various aspects of music is supported by cutting-edge equipment and facilities, including the Electro-Acoustic Music Centre (EMC) and the Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology (LIATe).

The Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Creative Industries Programme provides comprehensive training to aspiring composers, vocalists, and instrumentalists for careers in creative and entertainment industries. Students are given plenty of opportunities to hone their skills in music technology, composition, performance, production, and entrepreneurship. The programme offers a new career pathway for students with the following two concentrations: 

  • Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games
  • Popular Music Performance and Songwriting

Students in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games concentration will develop musical skills and knowledge to function as composers, orchestrators, music supervisors, music editors, conductors, and music producers in various entertainment industries. Students in Popular Music Performance and Songwriting concentration will develop capabilities to enter the music industry as performer-songwriters, lyricists, instrumental and/ or vocal performers, arrangers, and music producers.

Within the framework of a liberal arts university, apart from the professional training they receive through their major, students will gain insights into the larger issues of science, society, human community, and global cultures – knowledge that is essential for the education of professional artist-musician in music and media. 


Career Opportunities

For the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Programme, graduates have a wide range of employment possibilities in teaching, performance, radio/television, music-related business, arts management and further study. 

For the Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Creative Industries Programme, graduates will be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities in the creative and entertainment industries, functioning as film and video games composers, songwriters, contemporary music performers, and music producers. 


Programme Entrance Requirements

For the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music programme, applicants are required to submit their music qualifications and/or examination results. All applicants must have a good result in Grade 8 ABRSM practical grade / performance grade or its equivalent (especially for Chinese Instruments) and at least Grade 5 in ABRSM Theory or its equivalent, and/or show evidence of distinction in music. In addition, applicants will submit a portfolio, and shortlisted applicants may be invited to attend an aptitude test, interview and/or audition. For details, please refer to the Department of Music's website:


For the Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Creative Industries programme, applicants are required to submit the following materials:

  1. The examination results of music qualification (Practical, Theory), including but not limited to the Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Preferable Result: Practical/Performance: Grade 8 or above, Theory: Grade 5 or above)
  2. A portfolio via an online portfolio submission system.

An official email notification regarding the submission details will be sent to the applicant's registered email in due course. Applicants without portfolio submission will not be further processed. For portfolio preparation, applicants are strongly advised to visit:

For international applicants (non-local non-mainland applicants), Programme Office will not consider second choice applicants in admissions for 2024 entry.


  1. Subject to University annual review.