Faculty of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Geography

Programme Code


Year of Entry

Year 3

Mode of Study

Full Time

Duration of Study

4 Years

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for classroom teaching (in all forms) at HKBU is English, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Fund Type

Government Funded

Class Start Date

September 2022

Annual Tuition Fees

HK$42,100 (local); HK$140,000 (non-local) (Subject to the University's annual review)

Credits Required for Graduation


General Information

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Geography provides a solid training in geographical theories and methods, and helps students acquire the intellectual and practical skills to analyse, assess and interpret geographical information both independently and as part of a team. It aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of spatial order and the interdependence of different regions of the world, and a critical understanding of environmental and socio-economic development issues with a focus on global-local connections. The Programme also provides students with the ability to apply a variety of geographical techniques and methods to analyse and to interpret diverse people-environment interactions.


Unique Features

This Programme embraces the synthesizing tradition of geography and covers a wide variety of subjects in both natural and social sciences and attracts students who are passionate about people-environment interactions. The Programme is structured so that students can choose to specialize during later stages of their study or diversify their interests with a well-rounded training. Graduates of this Programme stand out by their comprehensive world view and strong cultural sensitivity, which enable them to follow a variety of career paths in diverse professions in the private and public sectors as well as not-for-profit organizations.


Student Learning Experiences

This Programme attaches great importance to student learning experiences and strives to provide students a wide range of opportunities for exposures and practical training. With a broad spectrum of learning experiences and hands-on training, Geography graduates are well-prepared for their career development and able to enjoy great flexibility in taking a wide range of roles in different professions.


Career Opportunities

Diverse employment opportunities are available for the graduates such as Commerce/finance, teaching/research, civil service, the media, tourism, administration/management, community/social services, and non-governmental organizations.

We adopt a holistic approach in selecting applicants on individual merits. Applicants are required to meet the University entrance requirements, English Language requirements and Programme entrance requirements (if any).


Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma Students/ Holders

Local final year students or graduates of an Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma programme at an institution recognised by the University are eligible for publicly-funded senior year places.


Transfer Students

Transfer students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree or higher degree programmes at a local or non-local university may apply. 

Please note that according to the guidelines of the University Grants Committee (UGC) on inter-institutional transfer of students, repeating of UGC-funded undergraduate study across institutions, irrespective of whether there is a change of programme or discipline, is generally discouraged unless under very exceptional circumstances.