Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Programme Code


Year of Entry

Year 1

Mode of Study

Full Time

Duration of Study

4 Years

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching at HKBU is English, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Fund Type

Government Funded

Class Start Date

September 2021

Annual Tuition Fees

HK$42,100 (local); HK$140,000 (non-local) (Subject to the University's annual review)

Credits Required for Graduation


Choices of Major Programme

For details of Major Programme assignment, please visit Faculty website at http://site.sci.hkbu.edu.hk/ug/major_prog.php


Programme Description

Under 4-year curriculum, students will be admitted on a Faculty basis with broad-based education in science in the first year. Students will have a free choice of 8 Majors leading to award of the Bachelor of Science below.


1. BSc(Hons) in Applied Biology
The programme is structured to provide the necessary background and training in the biological sciences to meet local and international needs in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, conservation, environmental monitoring and pollution control, health and sanitation.

This programme offers two concentrations of study: 
i) Biotechnology 
This concentration is structured to nurture students with the basic and up-to-date knowledge and techniques of biotechnology including molecular biology, immunology, and fermentation and enzyme technology. 
ii) Environmental Science
This concentration is designed to train students with understanding in biological and chemical basis of environmental problems, their control and management, as well as the restoration and remediation of degraded or derelict lands and ecosystems.

2. BSc(Hons) in Bioresource and Agricultural Science 
The programme is the first and unique agriculture related professional programme in Hong Kong, which focuses on the integration of agriculture with bioresource management with the aim of cultivating an understanding of the social, ecological and environmental significance of agricultural practices and bioresource conservation from the perspective of sustainability.

Students will be provided with hands-on experience in agricultural technology and bioresource conservation required for an array of bioresource, agriculture, and environmental related professions, including agribusiness, consultancy, research and development, non-governmental organisations, green groups, government departments (e.g. AFCD, EPD, LCSD), property management, etc.

To further equip students with real world experience, each student admitted into this programme will be offered an experiential internship opportunity, in addition to professional Organic Certification and Inspector Training by the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) to enable them to carry out organic inspections worldwide.


3. BSc(Hons) in Analytical and Testing Sciences
The aim of the programme is to provide students with a broad-based training in major scientific disciplines to support their study in analytical and testing science which is multi-disciplinary in nature.

This programme emphasises on developing students' analytical mind and good problem-solving skills needed to solve the diversity of problems encountered in their future career. It will also equip students with the knowledge and practical skills to contribute to the growing analytical and testing industry.

4. BSc (Hons) in Chemistry
The aim of the programme is to provide students with a strong foundation in all principal areas of chemical science and knowledge in developing career and solving real-life chemical problems, including those in the environmental area, and to meet the needs from government, education, industrial or commercial sectors. The curriculum is designed to equip students with ample knowledge in both pure and applied chemistry so that you are adequately and flexibly trained for both employment and postgraduate studies locally or overseas.

Students admitted into this programme will be introduced to fundamental principles of all principal branches of chemistry and other related scientific disciplines. Knowledge in more specialised areas of chemistry will be acquired through a variety of Major elective courses. Research experience and hands-on laboratory skills are gained through a required Final Year Project.

Computer Science

5. BSc(Hons) in Computer Science
The aim of the programme^ is to prepare students for pursuing a career or postgraduate study in computer science or Information Communication Technology related areas.

This programme offers three concentrations of study:
i) Computing and Software Technologies (CST)
ii) Information Systems and Analytics (ISA)
iii) Data and Media Communication (DMC)#

The programme includes diversified learning experience, such as (overseas) summer internship, 1-year placement, overseas summer research programme and overseas study exchange.

^Full accreditation from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) has been granted for CST, ISA and double concentrations (CST+DMC and ISA+ DMC).

#This is an interdisciplinary concentration co-offered with the Department of Journalism, School of Communication.


6. BSc(Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics
This programme is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical and statistical concepts with an aim towards developing logical thinking and analytical skills that are applicable to various career fields.

Special emphasis on applications in industrial and commercial areas is stressed, and students are well trained in the use of various computer software packages to solve real-life problems in management science, logistics, computer visualisation, computational finance, engineering design, actuarial science, clinical research, industrial applications, social science research and others.

This programme offers five concentrations of study:
i) Actuarial Statistics (collaborated with Simon Fraser University, Canada)
ii) Financial Risk Management (collaborated with School of Business)
iii) Operations Research
iv) Quantitative Data Analysis
v) Scientific Computing

Students can graduate without any concentration or with one or two concentration(s) according to their interest and career goal. 

7. BSc(Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics and BSc in Actuarial Science [Double Degree]
The programme is jointly offered by the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). The double degree approach leverages the quantitative and market skills of mathematics, statistics and actuarial science with corporate financial management practices. As such, this programme between HKBU and SFU has many elements, such as risk assessment and market structure, which are not in current course offerings at HKBU. Thus, the programme, while having finance at its heart, represents a unique combination of skills from mathematics, statistics and actuarial science. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interviews and entrance examination. For details of the double degree programme, please visit: www.math.hkbu.edu.hk/DoubleDegree.


8. BSc(Hons) in Physics and Green Energy
The aim of the programme is to prepare students for a career in Applied Physics or the Green Energy sector.

This programme offers two concentrations of study:
i) Applied Physics 
This concentration provides analytical and practical knowledge and skills for students interested in career in technology development and application, innovation or research in advanced topics. Graduates will find employment in high-tech companies and industries, or continue post-graduate study in world-renowned universities. 
ii) Energy Management and Technology 
This concentration is aligned with the international certificate programme, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), in collaboration with the Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers. Students can obtain global CEM certification after passing the CEM examination with appropriate working experience. Students also have internship opportunities (e.g. CLP, EMSD), which will prepare them to be Green Energy professionals.

Student Learning Experiences

  • Overseas Research Scholarship for Outstanding Students (Starting from AY2018/19)
    Faculty of Science: Scholarships covering up to HK$30,000 each are available to Year 3 undergraduates of Faculty of Science. It aims to provide exclusive learning opportunities to eligible high caliber science students to undertake research attachments of 4-8 weeks during summer in one of the top-notch overseas universities under the supervision of distinguished professors and scholars.
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)
    The Faculty of Science will support undergraduate students of different departments with exceptionally outstanding academic performance and genuine interests in research to conduct frontier research work during summer.
  • Internship
    Department of Biology:
    Summer Internship Programme was offered to students of BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology with different agencies such as Ocean Park, The World Green Organisation, Green Dot Dot, WELLAB Limited, SUEZ NWS Holdings Limited / Oscar Bioenergy, Food for Good and Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification Limited.
    To further equip students with real world experience, each student admitted into BSc (Hons) In Bioresoruce and Agricultural Science will be offered an internship opportunity in an organization or a company, including:
    。Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD)
    。Captial Green Trading Limited
    。The Conservancy Association
    。Pegasus Greenland Limited
    。BEL Agricultural (HK) Co., Ltd.
    。The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course Limited
    Department of Computer Science: students can gain IT work experience training through summer internship and 1-year placement opportunities.
    Department of Chemistry: students who study Chemistry will be offered a 2-month summer internship (with salary) for qualified Year 3 students to work in several major local chemical testing laboratories as well as chemical manufacturing plants in the Pearl River Delta region in China.
    Department of Mathematics: students may have opportunities to work in an organization (e.g. Census and Statistics Department) or a company (e.g. iMusicTech Ltd., Convoy Financial Services, and Maxim's) as interns and complete work assignment that are primarily related to their major study.
    Department of Physics: students may have opportunity to work in various institutions including the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shun Hing Engineering Contracting Co. Ltd., and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong Government related to energy audit and consulting, energy/utility companies, green building and energy conservation.
  • Exchange Opportunity
    Department of Chemistry: Georgia State University (summer), Strasbourg University (1 year with scholarship), Warwick University (3+1 programme), Imperial College.
  • Others
    Department of Biology: Overseas summer exchange programme is a perfect platform for students’ exploration on nature and getting relevant hands-on research and working experience.
    Department of Chemistry: summer research programme and summer study tour
    Department of Computer Science: overseas outreach opportunities such as study tours, overseas internship, overseas summer research programme and overseas study exchange
    Department of Mathematics: recruitment talks for students to build a channel through which they can reach their potential employers
    Department of Physics: every year several senior students are offered sponsorship to attend the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC), which is an important energy event of international scope for students, end users, and energy professionals. The WEEC is usually held in the US and it is a great opportunity for our students to learn the latest development in energy technology and management. Students also have opportunities to take internships in major corporations and government departments, such as CLP, HK Electric, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shun Hing Engineering Contracting Co. Ltd., and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong Government, and to join overseas study exchange.


Career Opportunities

Our graduates receive broad-based training that equips themselves with experience in analysing scientific problems using an inter-disciplinary approach. Besides securing employment in their own fields of expertise, graduates often take up scientific research, management, marketing/sales, banking/finance and teaching posts in sectors like commerce, government, education and community services. Some graduates will pursue further study.

HKBU Science graduates’ employment rate is 98%, in the past 3 years, inclusive of 20% further studies.



1) The general Unit Requirement is 128 units but the unit requirement of BSc(Hons) in Bioresource and Agricultural Science is 129 units with the additional 1 unit for Summer Internship.

2) Students may have the option of taking an integrated programme by extending their undergraduate study by one year, leading to the award of a bachelor's degree in that Major plus a Diploma in Education.

We adopt a holistic approach in selecting applicants on individual merits. Applicants are required to meet the University entrance requirements, English Language requirements and Programme entrance requirements (if any).


General Certificate of Education (GCE), International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma & SAT

GCE: Grade E or above in three AL/ IAL subjects; or Grade E or above in two AL/ IAL subjects plus two Advanced Supplementary Level (ASL) subjects (Not including Chinese and English Language subjects. The same subject cannot be counted at both the AL and ASL.)

IB: IB Diploma. Applicants should request the IB organisation to send their scores to the University via internet (HKBU institution code: 000247).

SAT: Minimum score of 1,190 (out of 1,600) in new SAT or 1,650 (out of 2,400) in old SAT (minimum score of 550 in each of Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing), and a sub-score on essay writing of no less than 8. Applicants should request the College Board to send scores to the University (HKBU institution code: 7904).


Other Overseas Qualifications by Region

Applicants who apply for admission on the basis of overseas qualifications should refer to particular region for details. Given the diversity of education systems around the world, the acceptable overseas qualifications listed may not cover every region.

The University normally expects applicants to have obtained 12-year pre-university years of schooling. School-leaving qualifications that are acceptable for admission to universities in other places may not necessarily be acceptable or sufficient for admission to the University.


English Language Requirements

The following public examination results are recognised as meeting the English Language requirements stipulated by the University:

Proficiency Tests Minimum Requirements
TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT) - Score: 79; or
Paper-delivered test - a sum score of 60
(TOEFL MyBestTM Score is not accepted.)
IELTS Academic Overall Band: 6.0
SAT Minimum score of 550 in both Critical Reading and Writing with a sub-score of 8 or above in Essay in old SAT; or
Minimum score of 590 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing in new SAT
ACT Minimum score of 23 in both ACT English and Reading
AP Score 4 or above in AP English Language and Composition/ AP English Literature and Composition
GCE O-Level/ GCSE English/ English Language/ English Literature Grade C/ Grade 4
IGCSE First Language English Grade C/ Grade 4
IGCSE English as a Second Language Grade B/ Grade 5
GCE AS or A-Level English Grade E
HKDSE English Language Level 3
HKALE Use of English Grade E
IB Grade 4 in:
IB English A (Higher or Standard Level); or
IB English B (Higher Level); or
IB English Literature and Performance (Standard Level)


Grade 5 in:
IB English B (Standard Level)
Cambridge English C1 Advanced/ C2 Proficiency Grade C
Others Other English language qualifications deemed acceptable by the University