The tuition fee of full-time undergraduate programmes for 2021-22 is HK$42,100 for local students and HK$140,000 for non-local students respectively i. Fees are to be paid in two equal instalments.

For newly enrolled undergraduate students, a non-refundable admission confirmation fee, including the first instalment of HK$5,000 for local students and HK$10,000 for non-local students and some other fees must be paid by the applicants on acceptance of admission offer. The balance of the first instalment must be paid in October.

Details of the estimated cost of studying at the University as a non-local student are listed below for reference:

 Cost Items Estimated Amount (in HKD)
University accommodation
Off-campus accommodation
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(2- or 3-person room)
Dr. Ng Tor Tai
International House
(Double room)
 Tuition Fee 140,000 ii
per academic year
 Accommodation Fee iii 10,900 to 16,000 ii
for 9 months
57,070 ii & iv
for 10 months
46,800 to 70,800 v
for 12 months
 Personal Expenses
 (including meals, transportation,
 entertainment and miscellaneous)
39,100 v
for 9 months
 Total v 190,000 to 195,100 236,170 225,900 to 249,900



  1. Non-local students are defined as persons entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education with any of the following student visa/ entry permit issued by the Director of Immigration of the Hong Kong Government:
    • - student visa/ entry permit
    • - visa under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates
    • - dependent visa, who are aged 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa
    Those who do not belong to this category will be considered as local applicants.
  2. Subject to University annual review.
  3. Non-local students will be provided with hostel places in the University accommodation in their first year of studies. In their second year of studies, students can apply for the University accommodation, subject to availability. No University accommodation will be provided starting from their third year of studies.

    For details, please refer to the housing policy and the website of Student Accommodation Section, Office of Student Affairs.

    For full admissions scholarship recipients, please refer to the housing policy for the arrangements.

    The above information is subject to change. The information in the housing policy shall always prevail in case of discrepancy.

  4. 35% to 70% housing subsidies may be offered to financially needy students, subject to application and approval. Applicants’ academic achievement and contribution to the university will be considered.
  5. Actual costs vary with personal lifestyle choices.