Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Green Energy

Programme Code


Year of Entry

Year 3

Mode of Study

Full Time

Duration of Study

4 Years

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching at HKBU is English, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Fund Type

Government Funded

Class Start Date

September 2020

Annual Tuition Fees

HK$42,100 (local); HK$140,000 (non-local)

Credits Required for Graduation


The BSc (Hons) programme in Physics and Green Energy underlines the significance of physics as a gateway to understand natural phenomena. It also addresses the educational needs of students who are genuinely interested in physics and its applications to the real world, particularly in energy science and technology. 

Two optional study routes are offered: (i) Concentration in Applied Physics, and (ii) Concentration in Energy Management and Technology. The Applied Physics Concentration provides mathematical and theoretical skills that are essential for further study or technology applications. Students who opt for this concentration will be ready to go on to graduate schools in the relevant disciplines or engage in careers in technology or industry. The Concentration in Energy Management and Technology caters for the more career-oriented students. Special courses in this concentration are aligned with the globally recognized Certified Energy Manager (CEM)* programme under the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).


Unique Features

This programme is unique in Hong Kong as we are the only tertiary institution which specializes in the study of green energy in the context of physics. Furthermore, our graduates can take the CEM exam offered by the AEE Hong Kong Chapter and become eligible for the CEM credential after passing the exam with some years of relevant working experience.


Student Learning Experiences

  • World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)
    Every year several senior students in our programme are offered sponsorship to attend the WEEC, which is an important energy event of international scope for students, end users, and energy professionals. The WEEC is usually held in the US and it is a great opportunity for our students to learn the latest development in energy technology and management.
  • Internship
    Students are encouraged to take part in the internship. In the past few years, some of our students have gained valuable working experience in various institutions including the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shun Hing Engineering Contracting Co. Ltd., and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong Government.
  • Summer Research
    Students can participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship programme to conduct frontier research with stipend during the summer.


Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this programme, graduates should have the proficiency to engage in a career in industry, commerce, and teaching or pursue postgraduate studies in Hong Kong or abroad. Graduates in the Applied Physics Concentration have knowledge and skills in instrumental control, scientific computing and modeling, and advanced materials. These skill sets should allow them to secure jobs both in the educational sector and NGOs as teachers and tutors as well as in industry as applied scientists and engineers. Many new opportunities are now available in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) due to the establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB). Five start-up companies have been recently established in the Physics Department alone, and some of them are seeking our graduates as their employees. Graduates from the Energy Management and Technology Concentration can find many opportunities in the energy sector. Latest development involves application of energy technology for green/smart buildings to save energy. If they take and pass the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Certification Examination with appropriate working experience, they are eligible to become CEM and launch careers as energy consultants, managers and auditors.

* For details, please visit: https://www.aeecenter.org/certifications/ce1tifications/certified­energy-manager



^ Subject to annual review and the University's approval.

We adopt a holistic approach in selecting applicants on individual merits. Applicants are required to meet the University entrance requirements, English Language requirements and Programme entrance requirements (if any).


Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma Students/ Holders

AD/ HD holders or students studying in the final year of AD /HD programmes may apply for Year 3 entry.


Transfer Students

Transfer students are current students of recognised local/ overseas institutions who are enrolled in a full-time or sandwich government-funded or self-financed degree programme.

Applicants who have completed at least one year of study of a 3-year degree programme or two years of study of a 4-year degree programme may apply for Year 3 entry.

Inter-institutional transfer of students is considered on a case-by-case basis.


Degree Holders

Holders of Bachelor’s/ Master’s/ Doctoral Degree or students studying in the final year of a degree programme may apply for Year 3 entry.